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Why all the links btw?! Because I am posting my evidence and just adding to the entertainment/fun 😀 I am in(side of)sane, remember? ^_-


In response to the last post (3)

Evidence that society changes our answers to questions / conditioning pulls us further away from our true selves (the kind beings we should be able to be):

I said that if we lived on an alien planet that we could probably live very differently, and that we live in houses (made of bad materials) and have black concrete roads, but what is the natural state of this planet? It has been hurt so much that in fact we do not know. Making fields of grass is still a man-made construction in the land, that has been ground and torn up. Then when the crops are planted they spray them with chemicals, why?

Also chemicals are sprayed into the air, more people are becoming aware of ‘chem trails’ to deliberately worsen the atmosphere:

The last link says an official group in power admit to this stuff. More and more is coming out recently like the brainwashing/hypnotism/dark stuff that goes on in government
I highly advise watching the BBC series “the revolution will be televised” one of my favourite clips included a group of actors wearing revealing/dark clothing inferring that the Mi6 is partly in fact a dark nightclub for the bad people in power.

One of the main problems that we live with is regular shopping, (a major part of The controlling System) it has already been revealed for example in “super scrimpers” (uk tv show) that we are buying way too much, it is evident in obesity (there are multiple weight loss programs that I could list) the huge wardrobes in “gok’s fashion fix” that get crushed down to a interchangeable few pieces and the amount of rubbish that we produce (multiple bins of waste that get chucked in landfill every week)


Make a shopping list, be aware of special offers trying to drag you in, and try to not shop in the row order as you come in, but start from the other end and be aware of every item you put in your basket. When you cook, if you know that you have a bit left over every time, cook less, think of the accumulating waste, don’t use a pile of cutlery/plates/bowls if you do not need it, reuse and don’t waste water. It is sad, it has been processed and been put through chemicals to be ‘clean’. When it is ‘sad’ I mean it literally is.


When water has been exposed to different music it changes. I know this sounds insane but you can evidence it. Even writing on the containers can affect it as exampled in the image! There is some weird stuff like this that is kept from us, but it holds information/secrets of the truth that they hide, that they make us think is too crazy to believe to keep us subdued/asleep/’cool’. Like when you first considered articles that the government have leaked to be paradioxial/crazy yet true, we have to keep an open mind if there is plain out evidence right infront of our eyes!
Whilst we’re on the subject of water, I’ll mention this nice and a little bit more ‘normal’ (by normal I mean inside of the reality that we are currently living, not the ‘normal’ as in harmonious, which is not what we are currently living – define your ‘normal’ for me please!) article: Mircowaved vs purified water on a plant:

Basically another way of living ‘better’ inside the system is being aware of all of your possessions and throwing away what no longer serves you, even emotionally, go through the kitchen cupboards or the attic and open your awareness to these things you thought you did not have but in fact do have, and then have gratitude and care for the abundance that you already have. 1- declutter 2-appreciation (3- share =P)

charlye/icem =P


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